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How long does a divorce take? 15/01/2019

The average time for completing an undefended divorce has increased by seven weeks over the course of 2018, according to figures released by the Ministry of Justice. The latest data show that the time taken, on average, from the date the Divorce Petition is issued to the pronouncement of Decree Nisi was 31 weeks and to the pronouncement of Decree Absolute was 56 weeks.

Given the length of time an average undefended divorce takes, it would be wise for divorcing couples to reach an agreement about future childcare arrangements and division of family assets well within those 56 weeks to avoid delaying the completion of divorce even more.

The quickest and most economical way of dealing with issues about childcare and division of family assets on divorce is to seek legal advice early in the process. Being fully informed of the relevant law at the outset can really assist parties with negotiating a settlement directly between themselves or at mediation. Any such settlement is not legally binding (in relation to division of family assets) and requires a solicitor to draft the necessary court document. However, the legal fees in this instance are only a fraction of what they would be if solicitors dealt with the entire case from start to finish.

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